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some thoughts swingin' through my head right now

so i've been thinking about this co-mod thing... and i'm brainstorming some ideas for themes, etc. until then... lets try to recruit some more folks what do you think? :)

on that note: something personal:

i need input. for like eight years i've considered piercing my septum.. but havent due to various complaints from the parents, the boyfriend, etc. (which is weird considering that they dont have any issues with my GIANT tattoos that are, oh, PERMANENT!) anyhow. i know that several of you on here have the same piercing and i'd love for your opinions. how does it feel in comparison to other piercings (i have a few... nostril, my ears are stretched to 00, etc. so i know a little about piercings) and do you think its cute?in other words... is it totally worth while for me? or would it look like crap on my face? (i know that its just not for certain people)...

i'd love for your opinions. :) thanks.
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